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About Ryan

As a lifelong Tamworth resident, I have worked in disability care, spent years running my own videography business, and I currently work in I.T. I’m an active participant in the Tamworth arts community, a member of various environmental community groups, and I’m raising two step-kids with my partner.

After surviving my battle with testicular cancer during the height of the pandemic lock-downs, I decided to get active on a local level and help make real changes to improve the liveability of our community. This volunteering and advocacy led me to run for the Greens as their candidate at last year’s state election. When the election was over, I was touched by the number of people who reached out to me, from across the political rainbow, encouraging me to run for council.

We need someone who is willing to genuinely meet, listen, and engage with the community. We need more people on the council who will stand up for residents, not developers. No matter whom I speak with, everyone agrees that the TRC needs a shake-up, and I believe giving younger voices with a fresh perspective a chance can help make our council more representative of the entire community. Your vote is powerful; nothing changes until you vote for change.

I , along with my friend Gemma Lea-Tolmie, are running as the lead candidates of a group ticket we intend to field from members of the Tamworth Greens branch. You can read about what we will focus on when elected to council, and my guiding principles, here.